Wednesday, November 21, 2012

AVID One Pager

Welcome to the first blog post of Dava Smith English Teacher.  Writing a blog stemmed from my discovery of the website Teachers Pay Teachers.  It turns out that the creative lessons that I've been making for years can now be turned into extra spending cash.  It also seems as though the way people actually earn money on this site is by being all over the social media world.  Plus, I really think that I have valuable information to share with the world.  

So, here it goes...

My most recent project with my seventh graders was the Theme One Pager.  This AVID technique is a very succinct way to sum up a novel.  The students need to pick a scene from the novel that represents one of the themes of the book.  The picture should take up the majority of the page, with as little white space as possible.  On top of the picture students need to put two quotes that support their theme, a paragraph explaining the theme and the connection to the quotes, and a personal reflection.   We had finished reading The Giver, by Lois Lowry, so some of my students chose a black and white color scheme to represent the colorless world that Jonas lives in.  The students were encouraged to do a rough draft first and then put it onto a plain sheet of printer paper (white or colored).  This took us about three days in class, and then students needed to finish it at home if they didn't finish it in class.  

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